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Cesar Chavez DayToday El Paso Community College (EPCC) is celebrating Cesar Chavez Day! Cesar Chavez Days celebrates the work of Cesar Chavez, who founded the United Farm Workers (UFW) in order to help secure fair wages for farm workers. So, the library and the college campus are closed.

Cesar Chavez Day is not a national holiday yet. It is celebrated every year in California  on March 31st (which is also Cesar Chavez’s birthday) and efforts to recognize the day as a federal national holiday are underway.

Cesar Chavez gave our nation and each of us a unique example to live our lives by.  His selfless dedication for farm worker and worker rights, economic justice, civil rights, environmental justice, peace, nonviolence, empowerment of the poor and disenfranchised, is a monumental legacy that will inspire all and the generations to come.  (From

For more information about Cesar Chavez  and the holiday, visit these websites:

Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday Website

Cesar Chavez Foundation Website


Yes, April is coming up faster than you expect! So get ready by planning to attend some of the events at the library!

  • Starting April 7th, every Saturday  you can learn a new language! Not only are the Chinese classes (at 12 noon) continuing, but you can also learn Arabic, Persian and French from one of our talented, multi-lingual staff, Zohreh! Never Late to Learn New Languages will start at 11 am on Saturdays.
  • April 7th is also the day of an Easter Egg hunt. Come to the library any time to find an egg. What will you find inside? You’ll only find out if you visit the library!
  • Ready to Read Storytimes continue throughout the month. They are every Tues, Wed and Satuday at 11.
  • Learn how to pass the Citizenship exam with flying colors! Come to the library’s Citizenship classes every Tuesday from 5 to 7 pm.

Hope to see you at the library!


Groundhog Day is a very unique holiday! But what is a Groundhog anyway, and do they live in El Paso?

Groundhogs are large, cat-sized rodents.  They are also known as marmots, Woodchucks and whistle pigs. They are a type of ground squirrel. And sadly, they don’t live in El Paso! But some of their relatives, hoary marmots and yellow-bellied marmots, live in the mountains in the Northwest United States.

Now…. Groundhog Day! The most famous groundhog of all is Punxsutawney Phil. He’s a groundhog from Punxsatawney, Pennsylvania where people have been celebrating Groundhog Day since 1886! According to the Groundhog Day website, Phil is always 100% correct about his predictions. If he sees his shadow, then there will be 6 more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day, then there’s an early spring.

Learn more about the Holiday and about Groundhogs!
Groundhog Day official Page

Facts about Groundhogs from National Geographic 

Groundhog stories from the El Paso Public Library

Groundhog books from El Paso Community College Library 

Martin Luther King, JrMartin Luther King Day was first observed in 1986 after a long battle to create federal legislation for a national observance of the day. In 1994, Congress modified the day from an observance to a day of service.

For the first time, the Jenna Welch & Laura Bush Community Library participated in the City of El Paso’s Martin Luther King Food Drive. This gave our library the chance to participate in a city-wide program to distribute food to these organizations in El Paso:

The Center Against Family Violence
La Fe Montana Vista Community & Resource Center
The El Paso Rescue Mission
El Paso Villa Maria
La Familia of El Paso
La Posada Home
The Opportunity Center for the Homeless
Reynolds Home
The Salvation Army

Martin Luther King, Jr. believed in non-violent change. He believed that we each could make a difference. If you would like to see more information about community organizations that are doing service on MLK day, then you can find a project on the MLK Day Service website.
Learn more:

Visit the MLK Day of service website.
Find out about the City of El Paso’s service initiative.

Find a book from the public library or from the El Paso Community College about Martin Luther King, Jr.

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